10 Tips To Ignite The Spark And Keep Your Long-Term Relationship Going Strong (2023)

We’ve all heard the saying: “Love is a journey, not a destination.” But that statement could not be more true for long-term relationships. As time passes and you settle into a routine with your partner, it can be easy to lose track of the little things that keep your relationship alive. However, there are still plenty of small actions you can take to keep the spark alive in your long-term relationship. From taking time away from each other to developing new hobbies together, there are ways to stay connected and remind each other why you fell in love in the first place. In this blog article, we’ll explore 10 tips that will help ignite the flame between you and your partner and keep your long-term relationship going strong.

Keep the Spark Going in Your Relationship

It’s not always easy to keep the spark going in a long-term relationship. Life can get in the way and it’s easy to take each other for granted. But it’s important to make an effort to keep the romance alive. Here are some tips to help you ignite the spark and keep your relationship strong:

1. Make time for each other. It’s important to schedule time together, even if it’s just a few hours a week. This will give you time to reconnect and focus on each other without distractions.

2. Keep things fresh. Try new things together or rediscover old interests. This will help you avoid boredom and routine in your relationship.

3. Communicate openly. Talk about your needs and wants, and be open to listening to your partner’s needs as well. Good communication is essential for a strong relationship.

4. Show your affection. Physical touch is important in any relationship, so make sure you’re showing your partner love and affection regularly. Whether it’s cuddling, kissing, or sex, physical intimacy is an important part of a healthy relationship.

5. Express your appreciation. Take the time to tell your partner why you appreciate them and what they do that makes you happy. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, so this is a simple way to make your partner feel good (and strengthen your relationship at the same time).

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Communication is Key

In any relationship, communication is key. This is especially true in long-term relationships, where you may find yourselves taking each other for granted. Keep the spark alive by making sure you’re communicating effectively with your partner.

active listening, where you focus on what your partner is saying and try to understand their perspective. This can be done by paraphrasing what they’ve said back to them and asking follow-up questions.

It’s also important to share your own thoughts and feelings honestly with your partner. If something is bothering you, don’t bottle it up – talk to them about it. This will help you to resolve any issues between you, and strengthen your bond as a couple.

Be Willing to Compromise

In any relationship, both parties need to be willing to compromise in order to make it work. If you’re not willing to budge on certain things, then your partner will likely feel the same way and neither of you will be happy. Try to be understanding and flexible with each other, especially when it comes to important decisions. By being willing to compromise, you’re showing that you’re truly invested in the relationship and are willing to work together for the common good.

Spend Time Together

It’s not always easy to find time to spend with your partner when you have a busy life, but it’s important to make time for each other. Whether it’s going on dates, taking walks together, or just spending time talking, spending time together is crucial for keeping the spark alive in your relationship.

One way to make sure you spend enough time together is to schedule date nights. Once a week, plan an evening where you can focus on each other without distractions. This can be anything from going out to eat or seeing a movie to cooking dinner at home and playing cards. Whatever you do, make sure it’s something you both enjoy.

Another way to keep the spark alive is to take turns planning fun activities for the two of you to do together. This could be anything from hiking and picnicking to exploring a new city or trying a new restaurant. The key is to do things that will create memories and help you bond as a couple.

Finally, don’t forget the little things. Sometimes, simply spending time talking with your partner can be more intimate than any grand gesture. Make sure you set aside sometime each day to catch up with each other and talk about your day-to-day lives. This will help keep you connected and prevent boredom from setting in.

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Be Intimate

When it comes to intimacy, it’s important to keep the spark alive in your long-term relationship. Here are a few tips to help you do just that:

1. Be intimate with your partner on a regular basis. This means kissing, cuddling, and engaging in other forms of physical affection.

2. Make time for quality conversation. Connect with your partner on a deeper level by sharing your thoughts and feelings on a regular basis.

3. Be present when you’re with your partner. Give them your undivided attention and really be present at the moment.

4. Show your partner love and appreciation. Let them know how much you care about them and why you’re grateful for them in your life.

5. Meet each other’s needs. Pay attention to what your partner needs from you emotionally and physically, and make an effort to meet those needs on a regular basis.

Be Supportive of One Another

It takes two to make a relationship work, and that means both partners need to be equally committed to the relationship. One of the most important things you can do for your partner is to be supportive of them, no matter what they’re going through.

whether it’s a tough day at work or they’re dealing with a personal issue, being there for them shows that you care and that you want to help them through whatever they’re facing. Just lending an ear or offering a shoulder to cry on can make all the difference in the world to your partner.

Handle Conflict in a Healthy Way

Conflict is a natural part of any relationship, but it doesn’t have to be a negative experience. In fact, conflict can be a healthy way to air grievances and open up communication channels. Here are some tips for handling conflict in a healthy way:

1. Talk openly and honestly about the issue at hand. Avoiding conflict will only make it worse in the long run.

2. Try to see things from your partner’s perspective. Empathy will help you understand their side of the story.

3. Don’t attack your partner with words or actions. This will only escalate the situation and make matters worse.

4. Seek resolution instead of victory. It’s important to find a compromise that works for both of you instead of trying to win an argument.

5. Take some time to cool off if things get too heated. Sometimes, it’s best to take a break and come back to the discussion when tempers have cooled down.

Show Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most important things you can show in a relationship. It communicates to your partner that you value them and appreciate all they do for you. When we show gratitude, we open the door to deeper levels of connection and intimacy.

Here are some tips for how to show gratitude in your relationship:

1. Make sure to say thank you when your partner does something nice for you, no matter how small. A simple “thank you” goes a long way in showing appreciation.

2. Write a heartfelt letter expressing your gratitude for your partner and what they mean to you. Sometimes it’s even more impactful to write things down than just saying them out loud.

3. Take time each day to reflect on at least one thing you’re grateful for about your partner. This could be as simple as appreciating their sense of humor or the way they always know just what to say to make you feel better.

4. Show physical affection often, such as hugging, kissing, or simply holding hands. Touch is an important way of communicating love and appreciation.

5. Plan thoughtful gestures that show how much you care, such as cooking their favorite meal, buying tickets to their favorite band’s concert, or taking them on a weekend getaway.

By making an effort to show gratitude in your relationship, you can keep the spark alive and strong for many years to come!

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Forgive and Forget

You and your partner have been together for a while now, and things are starting to feel a bit stale. The passion that you once felt for each other seems to have faded, and you’re not sure how to reignite the spark. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to bring passion back into your relationship.

One of the most important things that you can do is forgive and forget. Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s important to be able to forgive your partner when they wrong you. If you can’t let go of the past, it will only hinder your ability to move forward in the relationship.

Another thing that you can do is focus on the present. Instead of dwelling on what has already happened, try to live in the moment and enjoy your time together. This will help you appreciate your partner more and make the most of your time together.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to try new things. If you feel like you’ve been stuck in a rut, mix things up a bit and do something different. This could mean anything from trying a new restaurant to taking a trip somewhere you’ve never been before. By shaking things up, you can add some excitement back into your relationship.


10 Tips To Ignite The Spark And Keep Your Long-Term Relationship Going Strong? ›

Is it normal to lose the spark in your relationship? Yes, it's common for long-term couples to start wondering how to keep a relationship alive. It isn't the loss of the spark in a relationship that is the problem – the problem arises when couples lack the commitment to rekindle the romance.

How do you ignite a long-term relationship? ›

Six Tips to Keep Long-Term Relationships Exciting
  1. 1) Make Sure to Have Joyful Time Together. ...
  2. 2) Be Open to New Experiences. ...
  3. 3) Show Your Love, Don't Hold Back. ...
  4. 4) Keep Your Identity as an Individual. ...
  5. 5) Don't be Defensive, Engage in Open Communication. ...
  6. 6) Remember to be Generous.

How do you add spark to a long-term relationship? ›

How do you bring the spark back into a relationship? 7 tips
  1. Reminiscing. Revisiting your relationship roots can help rekindle the romance. ...
  2. Focusing on communication. ...
  3. Bringing back the romantic gestures. ...
  4. Practicing gratitude. ...
  5. Scheduling date nights. ...
  6. Try new things together. ...
  7. Kissing more often.
Aug 19, 2022

How do you spark up a dull relationship? ›

So to help keep that flame flickering, Tebb has some tips for couples who are looking to spice up their love lives amidst their hectic lives.
  1. A proper date night. ...
  2. Be spontaneous. ...
  3. Love notes. ...
  4. Work on yourself. ...
  5. Try new things in the bedroom. ...
  6. Remove distractions. ...
  7. Change of scenery.
Jun 23, 2017

How do you save a dying relationship? ›

It might be painful to face, but leaving these issues unaddressed won't help anyone in the long run.
  1. Take full responsibility if you're at fault. ...
  2. Give your partner the opportunity to win your trust back. ...
  3. Practice radical transparency. ...
  4. Seek professional help. ...
  5. Extend compassion and care to the person you hurt.
Aug 27, 2019

Is it normal to lose spark in a long term relationship? ›

Is it normal to lose the spark in your relationship? Yes, it's common for long-term couples to start wondering how to keep a relationship alive. It isn't the loss of the spark in a relationship that is the problem – the problem arises when couples lack the commitment to rekindle the romance.

What kills the spark in a relationship? ›

Why do people lose “the spark” anyways? Long distances, contradicting schedules, or growing resentment are all common reasons couples lose their spark—otherwise known as chemistry or a particularly strong connection.

How do you spice up a sexless relationship? ›

Open a discussion about sexual desires and interests. Incorporate new activities in the bedroom; change your usual sexual routine and menu. That can range widely from doing something like wearing heels, putting on sexy music, trying new sexual positions, or having sex in a different part of the house, for example.

What makes a relationship boring? ›

A boring relationship is often characterized by a loss of interest, affection, and attention. Being comfortable in your relationship is a good thing—but boredom can signify that things need to change.

What are the signs of a dying relationship? ›

What does real trouble look like?
  • There's no emotional connection. ...
  • Communication breakdown. ...
  • Aggressive or confrontational communication. ...
  • There's no appeal to physical intimacy. ...
  • You don't trust them. ...
  • Fantasising about others. ...
  • You're not supporting each other and have different goals. ...
  • You can't imagine a future together.

What are the 5 steps to fix a relationship? ›

Follow these five tips to help you on your way to a stronger relationship.
  • TALK TO EACH OTHER. The first step to improving any relationship is effective communication: ...

What things make a relationship stronger? ›

Relationship tips
  • Work on communication skills. Strong relationships are built on effective communication. ...
  • Do regular maintenance. ...
  • Adjust your expectations. ...
  • Create rituals. ...
  • Plan dates and surprises for each other. ...
  • Plan for roadblocks. ...
  • Give each other space. ...
  • Be active together.

What are the 4 types of intimacy? ›

To strengthen your relationships you may want to work on four types of intimacy: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual closeness.

What is intimacy to a man? ›

Intimacy in a relationship is a feeling of being close, and emotionally connected and supported. It means being able to share a whole range of thoughts, feelings and experiences that we have as human beings.

What lack of intimacy does to a man? ›

Anxiety, stress, and depression are also common sexless marriage effects on the husband. When a husband is denied sex at home for a long time, his mental health is likely to deteriorate from stress, overthinking, and inability to release the feel-good hormone from sex.

What are toxic things to say in a relationship? ›

Toxic phrases that can slowly destroy your relationship
  • “You don't deserve me.” ...
  • “Stop asking if I'm okay. ...
  • “You're pathetic.” ...
  • “I hate you.” ...
  • “You're a bad parent.” ...
  • “You're being crazy.” ...
  • “You're so needy.” ...
  • “I'm over this.”
Feb 13, 2023

How do I know if my partner spark is gone? ›

Top 20 signs the spark in your relationship has gone:
  1. You have little to no sex.
  2. You don't cuddle at night.
  3. Stop saying "I love you"
  4. You don't do things together.
  5. You don't go on "dates"
  6. You "let yourself go"
  7. Sleeping in different rooms/beds.
  8. You criticise one another over little things.
May 20, 2018

What causes long term relationships to end? ›

The main reasons why relationships fail are loss of trust, poor communication, lack of respect, a difference in priorities, and little intimacy. This article discusses why each may cause a relationship to come to an end.

Does space help a broken relationship? ›

In short: yes — as long as both people in the relationship want it to. “Space can heal a relationship,” explains Jason Polk, a licensed clinical social worker and couples therapist in Denver, Colorado, “especially if the couple is currently toxic or verbally abusive to each other.”

What lack of intimacy does to a woman? ›

The lack of physical touch, emotional connection, and sexual intimacy can lead to feelings of loneliness, depression, and low self-esteem. It can also cause physical symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, and decreased libido.

How do I reconnect with my partner emotionally? ›

6 Steps to Improving Emotional Intimacy with Your Partner
  1. Make time to do something meaningful to both of you, together. Sure, date night is important. ...
  2. Be curious. ...
  3. Be available in a new or different way. ...
  4. Make a “Nice” list. ...
  5. Invest in yourself. ...
  6. Be brave, not aggressive.
Jul 5, 2018

What are the 4 things that destroy relationships? ›

The Four Horsemen
  • Criticism – Complaints are fine. Criticism is more global — it attacks the person, not their behavior. ...
  • Contempt – “… name-calling, eye-rolling, sneering, mockery, and hostile humor. ...
  • Defensiveness – “… defensiveness is really a way of blaming your partner. ...
  • Stonewalling – Tuning out. Disengaging.

What mostly kills relationship? ›

Lack of Trust

Jealousy. Snooping. Blaming. Questioning their relationships with other people.

What is the number one thing that kills relationships? ›

So there's no better way to kill a relationship than to stop listening to what your partner has to say. It shows a lack of respect for the person, and of course your significant other will pick up on the fact that you're no longer listening. If nobody's listening, how can a relationship grow or thrive?

How do couples lose intimacy? ›

There are a few common reasons why couples develop a lack of intimacy. Stress is the most common reason. Stress can come from various sources such as pressure from work, child care, and financial troubles in the family. There are several studies that show the link between stress and a decrease in sex drive.

What happens to a man in a sexless relationship? ›

In a sexless marriage, the man might start to feel less emotionally attached to his wife. Love and sex go hand-in-hand in marriage and both are equally important to sustain the bonds in the marriage. He might start to drift apart and be less indulgent in any activities that include bonding or togetherness-time.

What bores a man in a relationship? ›

1 He wants space. 2 He's not ready for a serious relationship. 3 He's tired of little arguments. 4 He needs some positive reinforcement.

How do you tell if someone is getting tired of you? ›

15 signs that he is tired of you and the relationship
  1. He does not communicate with you. ...
  2. He is more self-centered. ...
  3. He takes advantage of you. ...
  4. He gets angry at your unexplainably. ...
  5. He ignores you. ...
  6. He doesn't respect you any longer. ...
  7. He doesn't apologize after an incident. ...
  8. He doesn't want you meddling in his affairs.
Nov 3, 2021

What does it mean to be dry in a relationship? ›

To make more of a mystery of monogamy, there's now a new trend in love land called dry dating. The 'dry' part comes from the lack of any physical component - not even lip locking.

Is it normal to lose the spark in a long-term relationship? ›

Some believe it's inevitable that this feeling will dim and eventually disappear. This is a myth. While it's normal to lose the spark in a relationship when you get comfortable, you can always get it back. And there are steps you can take now to avoid losing the spark at all.

What is the key to successful long-term relationships? ›

Successful long-term relationships

Try to be aware of what is happening in your relationship and understand who your partner is and where they are at. Stay curious about, but respectful of, each other. It is really important to stay up to date with your partner.

How do you fix a long-term relationship struggle? ›

Ways to Fix a Broken Relationship
  1. Start “dating” again. ...
  2. Make your relationship a priority. ...
  3. Let go of expectations. ...
  4. Plan a weekly meeting. ...
  5. Say thank you. ...
  6. Try to hold hands and hug more. ...
  7. Ditch the routine and have fun together. ...
  8. See a therapist.
Sep 29, 2022

How do you make a long-term relationship successful? ›

How to Make Love Last Forever
  1. Practice forgiveness. Resentment, anger and blame are normal reactions when your loved one does something hurtful. ...
  2. Be realistic. Every long-term relationship will have its share of disappointments. ...
  3. Develop rituals. ...
  4. Listen actively. ...
  5. Be honest. ...
  6. Fight fair. ...
  7. Get help if you're stuck.

What does lack of affection do to a man? ›

People who don't get their dose of affectionate touch seem less happy, more lonely, and have a higher likelihood of suffering from depression, mood and anxiety disorders, as well as secondary immune disorder.

What is the most crucial factor in a long term relationship? ›


Good communication is one of the most important aspects to having a healthy relationship. When starting a new relationship, it's important to be able to talk about what you both want and expect.

What is the number 1 thing that makes relationships successful? ›

The act of turning toward builds affection and a sense of teamwork, which helps strengthen the foundation of a lasting relationship. Of course, it's impossible to always turn toward your partner. But in our lab study, the couples who stayed together for at least six years turned toward each other 86% of the time.

What are the 4 things for a successful relationship? ›

Without further ado, here are four things that are needed for a healthy relationship: respect, equality, safety, and trust. Each of these components can manifest in healthy ways or in unhealthy ways in any relationship, and are built with actions as much as words.

When should you not give up on a relationship? ›

Cathy Vandewater from Bustle sums it up thusly: "If you feel like your person still brings out the best in you even during tough times — if you find yourself apologizing when you're wrong, trying to be a better listener, or laughing your way out of arguments — you've got a relationship worth working on. "

What is the secret to a good relationship? ›

The best relationships involve friends who are open and honest with each other. They are not afraid to share parts of themselves with their partner. A strong sense of safety and trust is necessary for sharing secrets with each other – secrets that reveal your greatest interests, desires, dreams and disappointments.

What makes love stronger in a relationship? ›

Sometimes it's the little things that make the most impact. Prioritizing quality time together, ensuring your partner feels heard and understood, and practicing small acts of kindness every day can help build a strong bond even when life stressors get in the way.

What's the 3 most important things in a relationship? ›

All healthy relationships share the following three core components: Mutual respect. Mutual trust. Mutual affection.


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